“To find an editor with Sherryl’s instincts and knowledge is rare. An excellent communicator, she will identify and explain aspects of a manuscript that a reader may not fully understand. Sherryl will offer options, if applicable, and your manuscript will be all the better for it. Sherryl over-delivered my expectations, I can’t recall the last time that’s happened with anything. Going forward I won’t trust anyone else.”
Gerard M. Poulin, author of Operation Stormwatcher and The House in Navotas.

“Finishing a first draft is a great moment. After months, sometimes years of writing you add those two words ‘the end’. But all writers know that the first draft is just the beginning. You need to put it away and think about it and when you are ready you need to have someone else read it and assess it. But not just anyone. You need someone objective and professional, someone whose ‘about’ page shows a lifetime of writing experience, someone kind and encouraging but also honest and straight forward, someone who can point to what is holding your manuscript back as well as suggesting how you can make it fly. Sherryl Clark is all these things. You need Sherryl Clark.”
Moira McAlister (ACT)

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am so incredibly grateful for your work on my book! Thank you so much, you have been so clear and thorough & it’s helped me feel confident in sharing my words!
I am in the process of finishing touches for publishing, and it’s all very exciting!
Jacqueline Irvine, VIC

“Thanks to Sherryl I am submitting to publishers with
more confidence and awareness and I now have a clear direction for my career.

I felt as though I had a helpful friend on hand who I
could ask any question to, and I had confidence that I was getting honest and
current answers because of Sherryl’s experience and knowledge of the industry.

Sherryl is a wonderful mentor. She’s knowledgeable,
passionate and knows how to apply just the right amount of push.”

Janet, NSW

Sherryl was my manuscript assessor and mentor for my first middle grade manuscript. She provided me with honest, insightful, but also encouraging comments that helped me to strengthen my writing and develop my knowledge of the publishing industry. I am looking forward to working with her on my next story.

Amanda O’Shea, TAS

I had writer’s block. It was horrible. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know. More than three quarters of the way through a novel, I stopped. Nothing was working.
So I asked Sherryl for help.
Sherryl worked with me to identify the writing issues that prevented me from finishing that novel. She was understanding, honest and professional, and – most importantly — she got me writing again.
Sherryl was a great mentor to me.
Bronwen, NQ.

“Writing is hard. We all need that pat on the back – so when this is what I require, I go ask my mum, my pa, my lover or my pet – but when it’s serious and only the truth will do then I go to Sherryl Clark.

If you’re a writer and you’ve got a manuscript but you don’t know what you’ve got because you’ve lost critical distance, then Sherryl Clark can return that perspective.

If it feels like you’re lost, that your manuscript has become (insert one of the following) i). a labyrinth, ii). a benighted forest, iii), Byzantine, iv), a work by Escher, or you’re simply ‘all at sea’, then my experience is that Sherryl comes with a map, a compass and lamp with a windfoil – but she also has magical abilities and a GPS up her sleeve.

This year I pulled out a manuscript I’d written in my twenties and wondering whether it was worth the time and effort of pushing (what might be just juvenilia) through all that agony and frustration up to a new draft. There was just one person I trusted to tell me the truth, so I turned to Sherryl Clark.

Sherryl will read the work and do it quick smart, she makes detailed notes to the page and by the page and then she sits you down and talks you through her coverage point by point.

Sherryl was kind and she was honest but above also she was right. If you really need to know, go ask Sherryl, the truth might make you feel small for a while but if you’re strong and writers need to be, you’ll find she gives you the inside ‘dope’ that will make you the proud author of a published book.”

Michael Kitson