Why is mentoring a good idea?magnifier

Writers who feel they need a mentor often experience one or more of the following:

* They have completed a professional course or degree but, some time later, are no longer writing
* They have been writing for a reasonable amount of time but have not achieved publication success
* They have had some publishing success, but their career has stalled for some reason
* They have a passion to write, but have found no professional support to take them to the next level
* They consider they are serious about writing, but have no real idea how to make achievable goals, or what is needed to begin a career
* They have manuscripts that have received favorable responses but their publishing goals seem no closer than before they began writing.

Mentoring is not about critiquing a particular manuscript. It’s about looking at where the writer is in their career, what needs to be addressed, how to set productive and achievable goals, and how to gain solid, useful industry knowledge to further publishing aims.

Currently I am not able to take on new clients for mentoring, but you can ask to be put on the waiting list.

Let’s talk about you

Talking about  you involves looking at the whole “package” – what you are writing, who you are writing for, where you are in terms of skills and craft, what you are aiming for, why, what you want to achieve (that includes dreams!) and how you are going to go about it.

I’m interested in helping serious, committed writers. Writers who are on the right track but who maybe have been sidelined, disrupted, distracted, or simply lacking in the extra support, feedback, knowledge and skills/craft development they need to take the next steps forward.

Mentoring with me begins with a detailed questionnaire that I email to you. An initial consultation by phone or Skype/Zoom (45 minutes) enables us to talk about your answers to the questionnaire, and your needs, and what will benefit you. From there, if you wish to continue, we negotiate further goals, expectations, outcomes and hours.

Initial consultation: $110.

Further mentoring by negotiation – for example, many people pay for a “block” of hours, often five, and we use those hours for working together via agreement.

Please use my Contact Me page if you are interested in receiving the questionnaire and finding out more about what mentoring can offer you.