What is a writing coach?

If you’ve come to this site, you’re most likely a writer looking for help. You may want a critique on a manuscript, or someone to help you with your writing career (or lack of it), or you might need specific advice on your writing craft.

These are some of the questions I’m regularly asked:

* How can I get published?
* Should I self-publish?
* What is wrong with my manuscript?
* Do I really need an agent?
* I’ve been writing for ages with no success – should I give up?
* Am I a real writer? How do I prove it to my family and friends?
* How do I find time to write?
* I want to achieve my writing goals but I don’t know where to start or how to create a plan.

My definition of a writing coach is someone with the experience to critique effectively, but who is also keenly interested in helping committed writers to achieve their goals and dreams. This might involve a constructive, honest critique, advice on a 5-year plan, or it might be a mentoring agreement.

I offer:

* critiques (fiction, poetry, children’s and YA fiction, picture books, verse novels)
* goal setting and strategy sessions, including 5-year plans
* mentoring
* help with marketing your book, or yourself as a writer
* articles and ebooks about writing and goal setting via my ebooks4writers site (my ebooks are called Tough Guides!)

Have a look around this site – find out more about me, what things such as mentoring and goal setting can do for you and your writing, and ask any questions via my contact form.